I have been working inhumanly for quite a while. Work exhausts me for I burn a lot of midnight oil. Life does need balance. I decided to tell top banana that I need a break deadly. Great ! Deal !

On occasion, I do utilize the privilege of flexibility at work. So call it a day:-))

I gave a ring to B at Beijing to greet accomplishment of her PhD and launching her parachute. B said finally she terminated "the PhD nightmare" and now could happily lead a normal life.We laughed at ourselves loudly over the phone……

Putting down the phone, thousands of train of thoughts pierce through the window, fly up. Isn’t life like a dream? So many remote memories seem to happen yesterday. 11 years ago A,B,C and me , 4 girls, best friends of life , from four sophisticated and kind of wealthy families with many beautiful dreams. I initiated the journey called of life alone, never thought of family nepotism and left almost every thing behind. I left my hometown. I left my family. Traveling alone through thousands of miles, I finally landed on and resided in the realm of freedom.

Tracking my life path in the previous time, I see so many dislocations. The little me dreamed to be a ballerina and then a pilot. By an error of fate, I fell love with the career, I decided to dedicate my whole life into technologies to improve/save the human being’s lives. By another error, and the frustrating circumstance and trend, I decided to leave this behind.

So I shouldn’t have had any more dislocations. I am where I want to be. Life still plays jokes. I am distracted and confused. Perhaps it is just not my fate to get a straight shortcut to fulfill my life dreams.

I am where I am now, where I never expected.I can no longer go back where I was. Ironically, who I am is never ending question to myself.

I thought I’d been whining. Whine is the truth in a prayer. Surprisingly, I didn’t.

Here is where I am by dislocations of life. I’d like to enjoy –remember what should be remembered; forget what should be forgotten; change what could be changed; accept what couldn’t be changed.