To cherish the memory of my beloved grandpa in heaven at the holiday season.
Preface:"How are you, Grandpa?" was always the first sentence I used to talk to him.

Throughout the years, the dynamics of my family seems sort of like plate tectonics. I’ve watched different groups of us split and drift away. Over one century, the whole family suffered through all historical movements, faded away, and fell apart. Instead of seas and mountains separating family members, history divided us. I guess, like many other families, such strife runs through generations.

No doubt about that my father is the greatest father to me and a wonderful husband to my mother. While, there is a very special place deep in heart for my dearest grandpa. My memories about him always link to unconditional love, warmth and gentleness. Moreover, understanding, patience, kindness and forgiveness. Since I was a very rebellious teenager, grandpa so often encouraged me and showered me with his wisdom. He taught me through his life example how to weather life’s hardships, upbeat but never giddy, sunny without being blinding. Whenever I had a delusion or confusion about life, I just gave him a ring.

I still vividly remember our conversations "Sweetheart, life is more art than engineering. For life is a dance of luck and intent, every successful person will get thrown back against a wall and need to come back stronger." "Darling, for a girl the most important things are not men and precious possession but yourself: confidence, independence, strong, self-esteem, self-reflection. You get to put your two feet on the ground and live your own life…."" Darling, being brilliant one isn’t easy life, since you always have to carry more burden than your peers.No matter how successful or wealthy you will be one day, remember never lose your empathy and respect to others. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy your life … " Honey, it is kind of beyond my knowledge and experience, grandpa can’t give your any advice. It is your call. Remember there is no fear and angles will guard you."…………………..

Since grandpa was diagnosed final stage cancer, I visited him whenever I had a chance. Until one day he had to lie on the hospital bed, he refused my visit. " Sweetheart, we have shared the most memorable time together. Here isn’t the right place you should be. I need rest alone. Please don’t visit me anyone and live your life." It is his heroic personality and he doesn’t want to show me, his deeply loved granddaughter, the sorrow and sufferings. Due to understanding him so deeply and thoroughly,I smiled and gave him the last hug and said " Take care, grandpa." It was my last time seeing him.

Years past, I never feel alone since grandpa in my heart eternally. There is always a place belong to his deep in my heart. Gosh, I miss him. Ironically, father rarely mentioned grandpa. The only one I can talk about grandpa is my uncle who also misses grandpa terribly. I know that those family divisions are not what my grandpa wants. The day he left for heaven, he whispered by my ears, "Sweetheart, reunite a world whenever there is a divided one. I know you can do it."

P.S. Happy Halloween!