America is one of the most tolerant societies. Yes, it may be a racist society and rightly so. If you think this is irritating, well, try living in Japan, Germany, and even our very own China. The former two have racially discriminative laws, and lay persons of the last can’t help but facially expressing their disgust of the Blacks. Don’t use exceptions to argue against this point, please.

By choosing to go into a melting pot dominated by white Anglo-Saxon ingredients, we should have understood that we had entered into a river of no return. We’d better change our point of view from being new migrants to being new citizens of the countries that kindly adopted us, unless you would love to live your own cultural ghetto under mega-cultural environments.

America has held the following values dear and near throughout its brief history: freedom, morality, equality, independence, work ethic, volunteering, capitalism, self-determination, democracy, rule of law, freedom of religion, charity, mutual respect and acceptance, privacy, effort and optimism, pragmatism, and change. Many African Americans have little chance in becoming really American with their parents and grandparents upholding an anti-white value, and living in a part of America where acting as white like is of infidel or disloyalty. Same as our incredibly snobbish Chinese with unreasonable arrogance, who try to live in a state of denial and reject American value such as morality, equality, change, mutual respect and acceptance. Those Chinese talk as rednecks right before the Civil War. It is a shame, isn’t it ? How long does it take for new Chinese migrants to acculturate? I have no answer, mainly because I am uncertain about how sincere those who refuse to acculturate are in upholding such value when educating their children.

America cannot be made better because it is made more interesting. It can be more interesting because it is made better. America has you as hello already. Instead of being eyesore in the eyes of the mainstream and hoping that it will tolerate, we should become meaningful contributors to America. Ask not what America can do for you, ask what you can do for America!