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Uncategorized mmpower on 20 Apr 2005 11:21 am

挑战一下计算机大虾们: hacking ganux

ganux是一个有趣的东东,通过DHTML在web browser上模拟一个linux终端。用户可以象在unix终端上一样登录并运行一些简单的命令,相当于在web browser上运行的一个小操作系统。ganux作者(一位香港学生)将ganux当作一个hacking游戏:看谁能破解获得ganux的root password–according to the author: I have changed it into a hacking-game. The objective of this game is to gain root of this “machine”. I can assure you that this’s not easy! A surprise will be given to those who can hack into it!

实际上只要看一下code,并非很困难–欢迎大虾们看看,不一定真要得到root password,只要指出方法即可。 偶也有奖品的,hehe :)

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