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Uncategorized mmpower on 03 Nov 2004 12:39 am

既然是洋酒吧,那我们就来学习酒吧英语 –MM们要对付酒吧里的坏蛋如BBB,要知己知彼,方能不殆 :)

I got to first base = I kissed someone
I got to second base = I touched her body above the waist/outside the clothes
I got to third base = I touched her body below the waist/inside the clothes
I hit a home run/got to home plate = I had sex

(2) mojo

mojo (noun)
1. magic power 2. sexual power

(3) 粗口 (靠):
freaking: a more polite way to say fucking.

(4) 感叹词:
Like golly and the more colorful Good golly, Miss Molly, gosh is also a more polite synonym for God. Other religious euphemisms include gee whiz, gee and geez for Jesus and darn for damn. These days, people still use those words (I personally say gosh at least once a day), but watch out - using them a lot can make you sound like Ned Flanders, the super-religious neighbor on The Simpsons.

(5) makin’ whoopee :
having sex

(6) 胳膊糖 arm candy :
A woman whose main purpose is to be an attractive accessory for her date

duke it out (verb phrase):fight with the fists

(8) 坏小子:badass (noun)
tough and dangerous man

(9)同性恋:Queer is a derogatory term (noun/adjective) meaning gay, but it is not insulting when used by gay people. Straight, of course, is heterosexual.

(10)易装者 drag queen, drag king:
a drag queen is a man who dresses to look like a woman. We also say that someone is “in drag” - wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. This can be men in women’s clothing or women dressed as men. Sometimes, these women call themselves “drag kings.”

(11) hooters:
woman’s breast

(12)coffin nails (cigarettes)

(13) pumpkin head (noun phrase)
a person with a really big head

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