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主题: Tear each other with King Yan, bullying brothe
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作者 Tear each other with King Yan, bullying brothe   

头衔: 海归中校

头衔: 海归中校

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文章标题: Tear each other with King Yan, bullying brothe (79 reads)      时间: 2021-8-06 周五, 09:39   

作者:yiasi生活风情 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

Tear each other with King Yan, bullying brother, extreme selfishness is the root cause

Stick to Guo will be unlucky, and internal strife is in the ascendant

The mutual tearing between King Guo and King Yan has been made public since July 14. Guo Wengui, on his sickbed, instructed the ant Gang's comrades in arms to divide into two ways and punish the thieves Luther and Yan limeng according to law. Even close comrades in arms and heroic scientists can not escape Guo Wengui's fate of verbal and written criticism and physical attack. Alas, it's chilling. It can be predicted that such a good play will be staged again and again in Xiguo in the future. If you stick to Guo, you will have bad luck. You comrades in arms can eat melons and watch. Don't get stuck in mud. Otherwise, it's difficult to protect yourself. In the end, it's a sad ending that grandpa doesn't hurt and grandma doesn't love.

Luther, Wang Dinggang, who started as a monitoring equipment in Guangzhou, sneaked to the United States to hang out with Guo Wengui. For Guo Wengui, Wang Dinggang worked hard and made great achievements in doing Luther's current review and Luther's interview. In this regard, Mr. Guo didnt deny it and praised it. "Luther saw that it was like the Buddha". Therefore, brother bully was willing to give 300000 shares of GTV. At the same time, he threatened to give 1.47 million villas in Connecticut to Luther, his wife Xiao Cai and children. For this, Luther was grateful and sobbed, "Mr. Wengui is too great". Reciprocation and reciprocity are the way to be a man. From first to last tattle and prate trump, Guo Wengui did not treat Lu De equally. He was like a former gang of dragons, Li You, Guo Baosheng, Sara and so on. The latter was only a chess piece and tool in Guo Wengui's mind, so that Luther's approach was president of the fund or by spreading rumors and gossip from the media, or even for trump, to create the hard door of the Biden family. Luther's cannon fodder was thrown to the ground, so that it was reduced to being tracked and investigated by the FBI, but Guo Wengui had a tendency to unload his donkey. For example, he assigned brother Long Island and masked MafA to hold a Hongmen banquet, questioned Luther's relationship with Sara, and even threatened that Luther did not trust the disclosure revolution 100%. How can you blame Luther for rising up to protect himself and fighting back?!

Yan limeng was originally a powerful tool for Guo Wengui to suck powder, and also a great weight for the implementation of political asylum. For this reason, Guo Wengui, Bannon, Luther and others have made great efforts to get Yan hamster from Hong Kong to the United States. From April 29 last year, Yan limeng landed in the United States to being torn open. Yan limeng has always been like a puppet drawn by Guo Wengui and is operating with Guo Wengui's will. However, Yan limeng, who knows nothing about the virus, has made a lot of mistakes in his words in fox interview and his three papers, He was refuted by the American medical community. So far, Yan limeng's function has been drained. As the saying goes, in order to make up a lie, Yan limeng even made up the nonsense that her mother was arrested and imprisoned by the police in the wall, and even the husband and wife turned against each other. After the FBI identified Yan limeng as a pseudo scientist, and the chicken series scam was surrounded and suppressed by all parties, Guo Wengui felt that the general trend was not good, so he resolutely stepped down and killed the donkey. Yan limeng has a thorough understanding of Guo Wengui's nature. "Mr. Guo Wengui is against the edge, controlling everyone's speech, and sinking the ship, but he has a way back to let everyone sink". It seems that Yan limeng has long been clear and planned. Her sharp words, strict logic and fierce attack momentum are higher than Sara's. no wonder, brother deceived said that this woman is not simple.

As the saying goes, good gathering and good dispersion. Moreover, Luther and Yan limeng, after all, accompanied themselves for 2 or 3 years. But Guo Wengui is Guo Wengui. After pretending to be ill and being hospitalized, the Jedi launched a live broadcast on July 14 local time. They attacked Luther and Yan limeng with dirty words, full of irrelevant abuse and attacks, and a period of madness and God nagging, which was irrelevant and groundless. From the middle view, Guo Wengui is a black rascal and social hooligan, and he is a product of hindsight. What is "Dr. Yan is dressed by Luther", and what is "master Jinyun of Sichuan has told Wengui when Dr. Yan appeared that Yan is the snake essence and Luther is the toad essence, which will harm Wengui". It is true that Luther, Yan limeng and others resolutely cut off their seats with Guo Wengui. Sometimes forced by the situation, the FBI tracking investigation, chicken series and rule of law fund are about to be destroyed. However, Guo Wengui is prone to fraud and lying. There are no comrades in arms in his eyes, which is the root cause of civil strife. Today, the ant gangs are punishing thieves according to law. The Buddha is treated by toad essence and the heroic scientist by snake essence, that is, in a blink of an eye. All comrades in arms, with Guo Wengui, will sooner or later end up as a pseudo class and spy. Today's Luther and Yan limeng may be you tomorrow.

Wang Wengeng also came to help, supporting Luther and Yan limeng. The former front-line cadre who punished thieves according to law has changed from "holding a gun to support Guo" to "holding a gun", and declared that he is willing to testify and expose Guo Wengui in the U.S. judiciary. Sellin claimed that she was armed to defend Yan limeng. Luther and Yan limeng, in-depth participants of the rule of law fund, the rule of law society, the farm series and the G series, have enough materials. Guo Wengui is unkind, and the king of hell will be unjust. Now that his face has been torn and there is no turning back, Guo's scam is bound to be all naked online, and Guo Wengui's end is approaching. If you hit a Guo, you will have bad luck, but if you wake up after bad luck, you can stop the loss in time and return with a big victory. Dear comrades in arms investors, seize the opportunity of the fight between Guo and Yan Wang, chase and attack Guo Wengui, and don't miss it.

作者:yiasi生活风情 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

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