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主题: Wen GUI's incoherent words brew a new scam
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作者 Wen GUI's incoherent words brew a new scam   

头衔: 海归中校

头衔: 海归中校

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文章标题: Wen GUI's incoherent words brew a new scam (44 reads)      时间: 2021-8-30 周一, 09:19   

作者:yiasi生活风情 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

Wen GUI's incoherent words brew a new scam, a giant swindler has the audacity to throw a new gimmick

Looking back on Guo Wengui's elaborate trap of cheating money and collecting money in recent years, he invented a series of pheasant products out of thin air, put on the cloak of "breaking the news revolution" and sold them under the emotional brand of "anti Communist". Therefore, Wengui not only created himself as a "brave and fearless" fighter, but also boasted his garbage as the only straw to "save the world", However, both the hypocritical, true and evil Wengui and the shoddy G series are gold and jade. Among them, in just a few years, Wengui's evil deeds of "defying the law by example", "bad suing addiction" and "fake and shoddy" have been exposed. The trick of G series selling goods at the price of luxury goods has been exposed, from investment funds to loans to donations, The real gold and silver of ants are gone like a stone sinking into the sea. How can they become billionaires? It's the so-called iron fraud, running ants. If the ants are still obsessed with fantasy, be ready to be drained of the last drop of blood essence by Wengui.

There are risks in supporting Guo. Sticking to Guo will be unlucky. Whoever sticks to Guo will be sad. This iron rule has been fulfilled again. Guo Wengui cause infinite harm to people and the whole world. He has been playing the "poison out of the common" all day long. He advocated that ants should eat hydroxychloroquine every day, and they could resist COVID-19. Recently, xiguoliang's voice "Feifei" cried on GTV. Six people in her family ate hydroxychloroquine in a dose every day and were also infected by delta virus. Can you believe what leader Guo said? However, what makes people more angry is that after learning that Feifei's family was infected, Wen GUI opened a live broadcast with a slight appeasement. Then he changed the subject, saying that "eating hydroxychloroquine doesn't work" and lobbying ants to pray sincerely at home. It's a great joke in the world. Take the lives of ants as a play. If pious prayer is useful, What are countries competing to spend a lot of money on developing vaccines? Obviously, Wengui doesn't want to pay for his own fallacies. He is reluctant to spend the "wronged money" to vaccinate the ants. Not only "Feifei" but also the famous "Jiang Caishen" fulfilled the iron law. At the beginning, Wen GUI borrowed the account of "Jiang Caishen" to fry oil futures and made 30 billion dollars. Later, it was confirmed by "Jiang Caishen" that he made 58 billion dollars. However, Wen GUI now crossed the river and broke the bridge, scolded the God of wealth for loving money, and even deprived him of his title of God of wealth. It seems that Wen GUI has begun to plot to cut "Jiang Caishen".

Incoherent words brew new scams and brazenly throw new gimmicks. In order to perform the evening dance well, Guo Wengui unexpectedly announced that he would establish armed forces and legal armed forces all over the world. He called it "to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese". Therefore, he did not hesitate to take the tiger skin of "Blackwater company" as the banner. Wen GUI is clearly bold and wants to turn "the vanguard of punishing thieves" into "ant corps", Don't you want to collect "protection fees" from all overseas Chinese under the guise of building the army? Only Wen GUI, who is used to the Arabian Nights, can boast that the employment of two retired security guards has established a security protection system. Obviously, Wen GUI has set the goal of harvesting leeks in all overseas Chinese circles this time. I hope compatriots will cover their money bags and do not believe the sweet words of Guo swindlers, so as not to pay "IQ tax" to Wen GUI.

In order to prolong his life of lying and cheating, Guo Wengui, the "red general criminal", constantly broadcast the notorious "show off wealth" in the live medium frequency, so as to show off the "prosperity" of "happy country" by drying out the so-called "luxury dinner, private plane and motorcade", draw cakes, seduce "ant powder" to buy "happy money" and invest in the construction of virtual "happy country", and even hesitate to create panic and create doomsday atmosphere, Pretending to save the world. For example, recently, Wen GUI signed and issued two so-called official documents. One was written to the International Olympic Organizing Committee, trying to ask the organizing committee to cancel the Beijing Winter Olympic Games; The other was written to Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher. It was intended to support the H. res. 500 proposed by Mike Gallagher, pull the Republican Party into the camp of "disclosure revolution" and pave the way for seeking "political asylum" in the future. However, the plague of foreign powers in China is expensive. In addition to the commendable show skills, being an official really knows nothing, Not only are the draft documents full of mistakes and omissions, but also the words fail to express the meaning, which is hilarious. It's really catching up with the ducks on the shelves. But no matter how the plague is tossed, I believe no one is willing to deal with a wanted criminal with a lot of debt.

Guo Wengui's scam was launched one after another, and the ants' money bags were cut one after another. He hated Wengui's repeated crimes and was still cheating. He sighed that the ants donated and couldn't return profits. If Wengui is a train speeding towards the bottomless abyss, ants should see the investment trap and withdraw from self-protection as soon as possible if they don't want to be buried with them.

作者:yiasi生活风情 发贴, 来自【海归网】 http://www.haiguinet.com

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