a peace of mind!!!

Ever since this financial crisis started in 2007, people do not seem to know where to put their money.

I then moved relatively a lot of $$$ to PG&E stock cuz I found it keeps paying roughly 5% dividend pretty stably while the price of the stock does not go up very much.

Now that I worry about California earthquake. It could come soon or later just as this one in Japan, which was also being talked about during the last 30 yrs.

If I like electric utility stocks, I can buy a utility combo mutual fund.

However, the BIG ONE would happen any moment in the next 40 hours!

And PG&E stocks is still going down today while DOW JONES has gone up 150 points!

I then called my PG&E friend, who is a Stanford PhD in Economics.

He said it is impossible for Japan to hide anything inside the reactors cuz the reactors were made by WestingHouse and built by Bechtel.

He does not think I should be so much in hurry to catch 4PM ET for switching my PG&E stock to a Fidelity balanced fund.

Well, I still did it!!!

I lost a lot, but I got peace of mind.


3:25 ET, Mar 17, 2011