Laozhong right now is the facilitator in City of Chongqing. He is mediating two sects of society to reach a accomandation. One sect is Hot and Naive girl who is born and raised in Chongqing, and not aware of their personal value and life goal, but is sure of dreaming to live rich. The other sect is the elite man or successor to be, who is hungry and horny due to overstay in oversea. Laozhong’s cause was despised by many oversea married woman as a timewasting, pimplike, target-confused chore. But Laozhong is happily engaged in his job more than anything else. Even when a old pal knocking his door, sometime he will reply with: sorry, busy helping a class 78 girl to reach her class 92, it will take 1 more minute to get her up Shanghai and kidnap that filthy rich Haigui.

Laozhong got my attention by his legendary story in Vegas where he beat the house by reinvent the rule in Casino. OK, Laozhong did not change the rule. But the same rule which work for casino for long time, don’t work on Laozhong. Or shall we say it benifit Laozhong.

Actually, it is very simple. As Dr.Edward Thorp who is the first one of its kind, so call cardcounter, publish the book <<how>>, which is a tutorial guide to use probability math stategy to beat the casino prescribed when you learn all the Thorp technique. Blackjack become a fair game. Or shall we say before you Casino change the rule in 1977. Laozhong will not become a legend. But Laozhong’s legend is here, presented in front of us. Because after all the changes, Laozhong is still the one of the few who is card counter, but not identified by Casino untill Laozhong already got enough stake and no need to cash out his future winning. Laozhong retired and become most happy card counter retired in history of human kind.

Many boy approach laozhong ask for tips to gamble. Most of time, laozhong will tell you, you are not a gambler, so don’t do it.

Sometime, if you are smart enough, you will be tipped off. Here I want to say thank you for the valuable information. Honestly when you learned and practice, you will understand what laozhong meaned:"If you are not a gambler, don’t gamble!" after all.

Blackjack is a game with of luck and skill. But for professinal gambler, it is pure skill. The most important thing is to be patient. or shall we say to be inhuman which a word Laozhong love to use all the time. human is a animal love to gamble. They will raise stake when then lose, and raise stake when they win. Thy usually don’t prefer to believe gamble could be a pure skill job. But for those inhuman being, gamble is a patient coldblood game in which any emotional issue could result in bringing money to casino. the bottom line is beat the 2% edge on house side with whatever you have on your hand. Most card counter beat it with very painful practicing of Thorp Level 4 stategy. But laozhong beat it another way. He exploit the loophole of the promotion system which is still on. When you bought 100 dollar chips. As a Promotion, Some casino gave you extra 10 dollar as bonus. Laozhong start his tourist tour in Vegas by wholesell quantitily buy in bonus chips. and use this 10% as his edge to beat casino. In this world, there are a lot of thing are pure skill. But there are always stupid people believe it is luck, it is fate. This book is Mr. Peng to say: fuck yourself, Idiot loud and clear.

But actually, it is job for certain people out there who cash out money from Casino every week. They have tons of fake ID to avoid the scrutiny of Casino. THey are the bloodsucker, parasite or whatever casino called them. But they are the real winner of this game. It is not like they will lie to show you their fake ID. But they did pocket cash from casino everyweek. Because Laozhong is not the only one I know who win from casino anymore. I know more of these guy now.

If you want to know how! Get Laozhong some hot and sexy chicks. Maybe he will tell you more.

haha……….Kidding. Here is the part which he will say to anyone safely without assasined by casino.

among all the game, blackjack is a few fair game out there. Because, compared to the winning edge on casino side, you are 2% less. It means if you work hard enough, you can beat this 2% by all kind of trick.

Don’t say it’s BS yet before you explore more. that’s why this book will present you: Laozhong.