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Bored Kid Behind Google Attack


By Daya Baran at February 23, 2010 Comments (9) Share

Computer security experts from the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI and others have determined that a kid was behind the recent attacks on Google.

It turns out that the alleged attacks which Google claims as “sophisticated” was actually unleashed by a kid. To be fair it was not any kid. It was a bored kid, that had nothing to do. A bored kid bring down one of the largest companies in the world!

In my initial post I guessed that it was probably “kids” because the attack did not seem plausible based on high level sources.

Google wants to exit the Chinese market because it cannot compete with Baidu but it needs a pretext to exit. Google decided by stirring up human rights the world would get on its side and give it the credence to exit China. When that did not work, Google enlisted the help of Billary Hillary Clinton who further upset the Chinese.

Shortly after the Chinese dumped $53 billion in U.S. Treasuries. The U.S. needs the money for loan guarantees to banks as part of the bailout plan to offset the housing crisis. Hence the U.S. shot itself in the foot doing Google’s business. Now the back tracking. It is easier to blame it on a kid and hope that things can get back to where they were.

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