HubSpot & Twitter execs sink $1.8M into contact management app Triggerfox

Trend alert: Cerulean sweaters are out, and so are calendar apps. This season is all about address book apps!

No, really — Toronto-based Triggerfox, a “new mobile address book on steroids,” is announcing the launch of its app and $1.8 million in seed funding from HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah, Twitter-acquired Crashalytics co-founder Wayne Chang, and other investors.

“I really wanted to take mobile relationship management to the next level by focusing on technology that only shows a user important insights on the contacts that matter and then gives that user the ability to take unique actions, like sending a contact a real handwritten thank you card right from the app,” Triggerfox founder Frank Falcone said in an official statement.

Falcone is a former Microsoft customer relationship management (CRM) product guy, and he seems to be drawing his Triggerfox inspiration from his previous career — using technology to manage relationships with people.

Address book and mobile contacts management are nothing new, however. linkedIn has put out two apps of the sort. We’ve seen Connect attempt to stitch all of your social networks’ contacts, and Refresh has been working to you carry a dossier about every contact right in your smartphone. There are many others.

Tiggerfox seems to have elements of all of the above, although we must admit the user interface is quite beautiful.

But Shah and Chang’s involvements are intriguing. Given the founder’s relative lack of Internet fame, we are curious to see what the technical Chang and seasoned investor Shah are seeing in the young mobile app.

In the meantime, we’ll be having fun sending people physical cards right from the app.